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Mission Globe

Conmemorating the Global Mission of our Institution

Mission Globe at Night

The centerpiece of the Centennial Pathway is the Mission Globe, a 26-foot tall stylized globe. Engraved in granite at the base of the globe, are the names of our alumni and staff who have served for a cumulative period of one year or more around the globe. Loma Linda University Health’s commitment to global missions is one of the hallmarks of our history, making us unique among universities.

View the names on the Mission Globe

Application and Criteria

It is free to have a name engraved on the Mission Globe. You are invited to submit your name or the name of someone you know who has served overseas.

Simply complete the Mission Globe Application and submit it to our office.

Contact Information


Call the Centennial Pathway office at 909-558-5010, or via on-campus extension at 55010.




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