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Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the Office of Talent Management and Diversity

Greetings from Loma Linda University and its Health System, where diversity is pivotal to our success! We are so pleased you are visiting our website. For more than one hundred years, Loma Linda has served the local, national, and international communities through our quality education and distinctive commitment to healing and wholeness.

The Office of Talent Management and Diversity plays a vital role in furthering our mission by promoting a culture of access, diversity, and inclusion throughout our campus. With more than one hundred countries represented in our combined student and employee populations, Loma Linda truly reflects the rich human diversity that exists in our world. We believe that learning and working in this multicultural environment enhances the potential of every individual to excel and contribute to the fullest wherever they might serve.

Diversity inspires creativity. Inclusion unites individuals. Access provides opportunities. As you experience Loma Linda, we trust you will find it a special and welcoming place, where all of God’s children thrive in harmony with His teachings.

So, welcome! We value and celebrate you.