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Adventist Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities (AAA) - Accreditation Site Visit

December 16-17, 2015

About AAA

AAA is the denominational accrediting authority for all tertiary and graduate educational programs and institutions owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church entities.The AAA site team will conduct the mid-term adminstrative review site visit for LLU on December 16-17, 2015, and will meet with faculty, administrators, and students.

2015 - AAA Mid-term Administrative Review Site Visit

LLU AAA 2015 Midterm Report (PDFAdded 12-01-15
2015 AAA Handbook: Part II, pp. 15-17 - Administrtive Review (PDF)
Report on LLU by the AAA Site Team (PDF) Added 04-21-16
AAA Certificate (PDF) Added 07-05-16

2015 Site Visit Team

Dave Greenlaw, Chairman
Adventist University of Health Sciences

Loren Agrey
Dean of Academic Affairs
Kettering College

Larry Blackmer
Vice President for Education
North American Division of the General Conference of SDA's

Mike Lekic
Associate Director of Education
General Conference of SDA's


2010 - AAA Accreditation Site Visit

AAA - Higher Education