A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

Institutional Research


Assist decision-making and educational effectiveness efforts with data that provides for validation, intervention and prediction.

Fulfill data requests from local, state and federal agencies. 


  • Compiling and disseminating historical data on enrollment and student success including degrees conferred and retention & graduation rates
  • Conducting ad hoc studies on significant policy issues
  • Maintaining a compendium of statistics on faculty and staff
  • Conducting and analyzing student and alumni surveys
  • Institutional reporting and administrative policy analysis
  • Strategic planning, enrollment and financial management
  • Outcomes assessment, program review, accountability, accreditation and institutional effectiveness


For more information or assistance, please contact:

Ken Nelson, MD, MS
Associate Director/Institutional Researcher
Office of Educational Effectiveness
(909) 558-4195  Ext. 44195

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