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Institutional Research


To support decision-making and educational effectiveness efforts with data that provides for validation, intervention and prediction.

To fulfill requests for institutional data from local, state and federal agencies. 

To provide the University with actionable analytics. Actionable analytics are defined at LLU as "The discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data that can lead to action given the predictive window is greater than the reaction time." 

Specifically, we play an active role in the following:

  • Compiling and disseminating historical data on enrollment and student success including degrees conferred and retention & graduation rates
  • Conducting ad hoc studies on significant policy issues
  • Maintaining a compendium of statistics on faculty and staff
  • Conducting and analyzing student and alumni surveys
  • Institutional reporting and administrative policy analysis
  • Strategic planning, enrollment and financial management
  • Outcomes assessment, program review, accountability, accreditation and institutional effectiveness


For more information or assistance, please contact:

Ken Nelson, MD, MS
Associate Director/Institutional Researcher
Office of Educational Effectiveness
(909) 558-4195  Ext. 44195

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