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Program Review


The University initiated a formal program review process in spring 2009. Most programs without professional, external accreditation were reviewed first and will continue to be reviewed on a five-year cycle. Initiation of programs with professional, external accreditation began this fall and will coincide with external accreditation cycles.

Program Review Process Tracks

  • WSCUC-Only: Programs that do not have professional or external accreditation.
  • WSCUC-Plus: Programs that have professional, discipline-specific accreditation.

Program Review Cycle

  • WSCUC-Only: Five-year cycle - second cycle is July 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015
  • WSCUC-Plus: These programs will follow their professional accreditation cycle.

2015-2016 Program Review Materials

The following materials are provided to programs during the review process.

Guide and Resources for the Guide

Program Review Guide 2014-2015 Program Review Guide (PDF) - Updated 1/31/2017

Navigation Links Added

  • Program Review Fact Sheet (PDF) - Explains roles, responsibilities, and process.
  • WSCUC-Only or WSCUC-Plus? (PDF) - Compares and contrasts the two categories of programs and what is required for each.
  • Guidelines for Program Review Site Visit and External Review Report (PDF) - Can be sent to program site team members.
  • Action Plan Sample (PDF) - WSCUC-Only and WSCUC-Plus
  • Action Plan in AMS (link)
  • Articulation Template (.docx) - WSCUC-Plus: Align the program self-study and required elements - must develope report for any section not addressed in the slef study.
  • Standards Alignment Survey (Survey Link) - Complete this survey for a research project to demonstrate alignment with professional accrediting standards. If this option is selected, program does not have to complete the Articulation Template.
  • AMS Online Program Review Tool (link)
  • How to Finalize Document Presentation
    • Combine Multiple Documents Into One PDF (PDF)
    • Adding Internal Links (PDF)
    • Back to Table of Contents Hyperlink on Each Page (PDF)

Program-Related Documents

  • Guidelines for Academic (Program) Definitions (PDF) -  This is particularly important when developing new programs.
  • Program Assessment Plan Information and Resources (link)
  • Program Database (Spreadsheet)

Off-Campus Programs

  • LLU Principles of Good Practice for Off-campus Programs (PDF)
  • LLU Off-campus Program Rubric (.doc)

Online Programs

Note: The Program Review Committee and the Digital Education Committee have developed the PR process for online programs. The full process is required for online programs plus some areas that are unique to the delivery modality. If you have questions contact extendeded@llu.edu.

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