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Faculty Development in Education Committee

Loma Linda University supports faculty development in many ways. The University Faculty Council appoints the faculty development education committee with representatives from each of the schools. Committee members have special expertise and interest in teaching and learning.

The committee plans the campus Faculty Development Showcase Week designed to reward and showcase creative plans for teaching and learning by faculty throughout the University. These conferences are held every other year at the Centennial Complex, featuring poster presentations, workshops, educational technology exhibits, and keynote lectures.

Gail Rice, Professor of Allied Health Studies in the School of Allied Health Professions, chairs the Faculty Development In Education Committee. Each school is represented on the committee.


Office of Educational Effectiveness
Marilyn Eggers

University Libraries
Carlene Drake
Nelia C. Wurangian-Caan (SN)

University Faculty Council
Eric Johnson, Chair

School of Allied Health Professions
Mike Iorio
Arthur Marshak (HPE program)
Gail Rice, Chair
Terri Ross

School of Behaviorial Health
Curtis Fox

School of Dentistry
Shirley Lee
Doyle Nick
Tom Rogers

School of Medicine
Tammi Thomas
Bruce Wilcox
Beverly Wood

School of Nursing
Judy Peters

School of Pharmacy
Kathryn Knecht

School of Public Health
Helen Marshak
Rafael Molina
Huma Shah

School of Religion
Richard Rice