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FAQ - Student Health Service

  • The first thing you should do is contact the healthcare provider’s office or clinic where you received your immunizations; they may still have your records.
  • If your records cannot be found you have two options:
    • If you are positive you have received the immunizations in question, you can have titers drawn (please consult the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form for titer requirements). Titers demonstrating immunity to the disease will satisfy your pre-entrance. requirement for that specific disease. A copy of your official titer results must be submitted with your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.
    • If you are unsure whether or not you have received the immunization, it would be in your best interest to get the immunizations to satisfy your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements. Then, submit record of your immunizations with your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form or have a healthcare provider your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form verifying you received the immunizations in question.

Please Note: If titers are needed, make sure they meet the specific titer requirements listed on the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.

  • A copy of your official immunization record, stamped and/or signed by the healthcare provider's office is required if a healthcare provider does not sign your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.
  • A copy of your official quantitative laboratory report must be included when submitting titers to meet your health requirements. A signed note from your healthcare provider stating immunity to a disease does not satisfy this requirement.

Please Note: Proof of payment is not accepted as verification of immunizations.

A titer report is done by a blood test which shows whether or not you are immune to a specific disease. The type of titer report that is required must be:

  • Quantitative - A quantitative titer result provides a numerical value indicating your actual degree of immunity to a disease. Qualitative titer reports are not accepted (this type of report provides a qualitative description such as “positive”, “reactive” or “immune”).
  • IgG (for Varicella and MMR) - This is an immunoglobulin G titer report. IgM titer reports are not accepted.
  • Hbs AB (for Hepatitis B) - This is a Hepatitis B Surface Antibody titer report. Hbs AG titer reports are not accepted.

If your titer result indicates that you are not immune, you will need to get the vaccine or be revaccinated (booster shot) for that specific disease.

Once you submit your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form (and all the required documentation) check your student portal for updates concerning your health holds. Updates will appear on your registration portal within 2-3 business days. If your health holds have not been cleared by the specified time frame, please review whether you have completed the requirements correctly by reviewing FAQ #9.

If you provide a copy of the requested official records, a healthcare provider signature is not required on your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.

  • The date of the healthcare provider’s signature cannot pre-date any of the immunizations or the PPD results listed.
  • If the healthcare provider’s signature pre-dates any of the immunizations/PPD results on your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form, the official record must be submitted with your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.

For immunizations administered after the date the healthcare provider signed your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form you will need to submit the official record of those immunizations.

Please Note: If a healthcare provider signs your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form on the date your TB/PPD skin test was administered (as opposed to the date the results were read) Student Health Service will not be able to clear your TB/PPD health hold until we receive the official record for the TB/PPD skin test.

  • If a healthcare provider signed your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form (on the day of or after the most current immunization listed) a copy of your official immunization record is not needed.
  • If you had titers drawn, Student Health Service must have a copy of your titer lab report on file before your health hold can be cleared (even if a healthcare provider signed your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form).

Fill out the Pre-Entrance form completely with the appropriate dates of vaccinations or dates of titers. The Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form needs to be filled out with all dates regardless of whether or not the healthcare provider has signed the bottom portion.

A healthcare provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) can fill out the bottom portion of your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form to validate that all immunizations dates stated on your Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form are correct. Ensure that the healthcare provider did not date his/her signature prior to any of the dates listed above on the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form. Please note if a titer is completed, you will also need to provider Student Health Service with the titer report.

If a healthcare provider did not fill out the bottom of the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form:

  • Provide copies of valid, legal immunization records with your completed Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form. A valid, legal immunization record is a printout record that is clearly printed by your healthcare provider’s office or a written record that is stamped and/or signed by your healthcare provider’s office. Please note “copies” or “transcribed” records are not sufficient.

Please Note: There are only 3 areas where you may submit a positive quantitative titer report in lieu of immunization requirements - MMR, Hepatitis B, and Varicella.

  • Please note it takes up to 2-3 days for your health hold(s) to be cleared. Holds are cleared in the order received. The clearing time frame can be delayed if there is an issue with the documentation you provided. If your hold has not been cleared within the specified timeframe, please make sure you have accurately followed the instructions below. These are the most commons areas that are either missed or done incorrectly, leading to delays in processing.  Please resubmit any missing or corrected documentation to Student Health Service.

    1. The type of report that is required for MMR and Varicella is a positive quantitative IgG titer report (IgM is not acceptable).
    2. The type of titer report required for Hepatitis B is a positive quantitative Surface Antibody (Hbs AB) titer report (Hbs AG titer reports are not accepted).
    3. Please note “positive”, “reactive” or “immune” titer result is not sufficient. The titer result must be in numerical terms.
  • The Tdap vaccine is a requirement. At whatever age it is received, it is good for 10 years, at which time a Tdap booster needs to be received (if first Tdap was before age 18)

  • If you have received a Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertusisis) after age 18, your Td booster will be due in 10 years.

  • Click Here to read the TB/PPD Skin Test Requirements and verify you have completed this requirement correctly.

A note from your healthcare provider, documenting an allergic reaction to the immunization in question, is required. This documentation will be reviewed by the Student Health Service provider.

If you are pregnant and unable to receive immunizations, you will need a note from a physician verifying your pregnancy and your approximate due date. This will allow Student Health Service to temporarily clear your health hold until your baby is born.

Non-degree students have no Pre-Entrance Health Requirements.

  • Student Health Service will grant you temporary clearance, which allows you to register for classes, if an immunization series is in process.
  • If the immunization series is not completed in the allotted time, a hold will be placed on your registration portal preventing you from registering for classes until the needed immunization is administered.

The Td (tetanus, diphtheria) vaccine will only activate your body’s immune defenses against the tetanus and diphtheria diseases. The Tdap vaccine will help your body build immunity against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough).

  • As an incoming student you are required to have a TB skin test administered within 6 months prior to the beginning of your program.
  • Once you begin your program, an annual TB screening is required to maintain “current student” status. A “hold” will be placed on your registration portal , preventing you from registering for classes, if your TB skin test is out-dated. For those with a positive TB skin test, a signs and symptoms form needs to be submitted to fulfill the requirement.

Please Note: Loma Linda University has chosen the Tuberculosis (TB) skin test (PPD Mantoux) as our TB surveillance tool. Other surveillance methods, such as the QuantiFERON – TB Gold test, will not satisfy this pre-entrance health requirements.

  • A TB/PPD skin test (PPD Mantoux) can be administered at Student Health Service or the healthcare facility of your choice. To satisfy the TB health requirement, your TB/PPD skin test must be read by a medical provider within 48 to 72 hours from the time the test was administered. If you have a TB/PPD skin test administered off campus, documentation must include:
    • Date test administered
    • Signature of medical provider administering test
    • Date of test read
    • Final test results in mm
    • Signature of the medical provider reporting the test results
  • If you had a BGC vaccine as a child, you will need to receive a TB/PPD skin test.
  • If your TB/PPD skin test results are greater than 10mm, this is considered a positive result. Proof of a positive TB/PPD skin test should be provider in the form of an immunization record, a note from your healthcare provider, or a healthcare provider signature in the Tuberculosis Screening section of the Pre-Entrance Health Requirements form.
  • If you are not sure your past TB/PPD skin test was positive or negative, you will need to get the test administered or provider documented results.
  • If you are an incoming student with a documented positive TB/PPD skin test, you must submit a chest x-ray report (taken within 1 year of the start of your program) to meet the TB health requirement. Chest X-rays remain current for 5 years.
  • Every year you are enrolled as a student you will need to submit a “TB Screening” form; this will satisfy your annual TB screening requirement.
  • If your chest X-ray expires while you are attending Loma Linda University, a current chest X-ray will be required.

Please Note: TB/PPD skin tests will not be administered at Student Health Service on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday unless you have a healthcare provider who will read and document the results of your skin test within 48-72 hours of administration. Student Health Service is not available to read your TB/PPD skin test on Friday afternoon or over the weekend.

  • The Hepatitis B immunization requires the completion of 3 injections which are optimized when administered at “0” months (1st injection), 1 month (2nd injection), and 6 months (3rd injection).
  • If you are submitting your immunization record, but have not completed the entire series before your registration deadline, you will receive temporary clearance in accordance with the suggested injection time-line listed above. Temporary clearance allows you to register for classes while an immunization series is in progress.

To satisfy the Varicella health requirement, students have two options.:

  • You can submit a quantitative IgG Antibody titer report verifying your immunity to this disease.
  • You can submit records verifying that you have received the Varicella immunization series (2 injections administered at least one month apart).

Only students accepted into the Clinical Laboratory Science or Cytotechnology program must complete the Ishihara test.

You need to submit a copy of the official record for that immunization to Student Health Service.

Please Note: Proof of payment is not considered verification of immunizations.