The responsibilities of the Office of Talent Management and Diversity are both broad and specific. The office assists the Loma Linda community in developing and facilitating a campus-wide academic and workplace culture that is supportive and inclusive of diversity at all levels. It is a culture that empowers students, staff, faculty, administrators, and professionals on our campus to contribute to their fullest potential in a spirit of collaboration and compassion.

The Office of Talent Management and Diversity also plays a leadership role in the alignment of our employment and academic policies, practices, programs, and objectives with our most cherished resource: the unique and diverse talent that drives all we do in fulfillment of our mission

Loma Linda University and Health System are committed to both personal wholeness and quality education among our faculty, staff, and students. We believe that understanding and valuing diversity, as ordained by God, is an integral part of that commitment..

The diversity program at Loma Linda retains a strong spiritual focus and is consistent with our historic mission of service. It is that mission and commitment, promoted globally for more than a century, which has attracted students to our campus from every corner of this earth. Today, our students and employees reflect the rich human diversity that exists among our national and global communities.


Loma Linda University and Health System are committed to transforming lives through education, healthcare, and research. Our mission is guided by Biblical principles designed to create a culture where values of compassion, integrity, and excellence are deeply embedded. Culture and values form the basis and drive our efforts toward access, diversity, and inclusion in all we do.

At Loma Linda, we recognize, nurture, and appreciate the differences among individuals. Our message of wholeness supports the “whole person”, regardless of personal characteristics. Diversity provides us with an advantage for innovative thinking. By being inclusive, we generate a high level of satisfaction and engagement throughout our institutions. Ensuring equal access gives individuals wide open opportunities to rise as far and as high as their talents, abilities, and interest allow.

Transforming lives can only be accomplished by fully utilizing all the human talent that joins us in our quest. To do differently would not only run counter to our values but also undermine God’s ministry to the world.

President Hart

“On our campus, diversity embraces the importance of building relationships and cooperation among our various groups. It means that everyone-- regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, gender, religion, physical condition or any other personal characteristic—is valued, appreciated and included.”

Richard Hart, MD, DrPH
President, Loma Linda University
President/CEO, LLUAHSC

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Melinda (Miyet) Bathan
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