Donations & Sponsorships

Thank you for your interest in working with Loma Linda University Health (LLUH). We are pleased you thought of us for your sponsorship needs. As you can imagine, LLUH receives hundreds of sponsorship requests each year for a variety of sponsorship opportunities from around the country. Although many sponsorship requests align with our mission, we can support only a small portion of the requests received. As a result, we must occasionally turn down applicants even if they fit our funding guidelines.
If you are interested in having LLUH sponsor your event, please read the following requirements and guidelines. If you meet the requirements for sponsorship, please continue on to fill out our Sponsorship Application below.

Please Note 

All sponsorship proposals are reviewed in detail; however, we are not able to accept all requests received.
There is a one donation per year limit to any organization.

Due to increased requests for in-kind donations LLUH cannot support the following:

  • Political affiliations
  • Lobbying or advocacy groups
  • Labor organizations
  • Third-party fundraising organizations
  • Individuals or for-profit businesses
  • Solicitations to advertise

Qualification Standards

In an effort to manage our charitable contributions in an equitable manner, all requests must be submitted in writing under the following guidelines:

Generally speaking, Loma Linda University Health evaluates sponsorships based on:

  • Their compatibility with the Loma Linda University Health mission. Loma Linda University, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian health sciences institution, seeks to further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ "to make man whole".
  • The manner in which the sponsorship affects and resonates with the LLUH patients, students and employees.
  • The location and scale of the opportunity.


LLUH requires all proposals to be submitted for evaluation at least (12) weeks prior to the date of the event, season, or program. Proposals submitted outside of this time frame will not be considered.
All requests are reviewed and may be subject to a verification check. If we are able to meet your request, you will hear from us within (2) weeks.

Submitting Sponsorship Requests

Due to the large number of sponsorship requests received, we request that all proposals be submitted electronically via our Online Sponsorship Application. Our online process is designed to reduce your submission time and quicken our response time.
A W9 form must be filled out and submitted along with your Sponsorship Application.

Fill out the application form

LLUH is an active supporter of programs serving our local communities and we are committed to continuing this support in the future.

Thank you for your interest in working with Loma Linda University Health (LLUH). If you are interested in LLUH funding your K-12 organization project and program needs, please select here for more information.