Graduates in cap, gown and leis

Loma Linda University alumni are known throughout the world for making a positive difference in the communities served. It is our drive “To Make Man Whole” that fuels our faculty, staff, and students to make an impact in the world. Over the years, the Office of Talent Management and Diversity has partnered with two diversity alumni associations, the Black Alumni of Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities (BALL) and the Hispanic Alumni Association of Loma Linda (HALL), to attract, support, and engage with underrepresented students on our campus. Members of both alumni associations serve as role models and mentors, and strive to provide scholarship funding support for those in need. Please visit their website to learn more and get involved!

The Black Alumni of Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities, better known as BALL, was formed in 1980 as a support system for minority students. The mission of the Black Alumni of Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities is to be instrumental in promoting and facilitating Christian professional health-science education of Black young men and women at Loma Linda and La Sierra Universities.

The Hispanic Alumni of Loma Linda University, better known as HALL, was developed to provide support for the underrepresented Hispanic population in professional school. The mission of HALL is to serve as a support system to the Hispanic student body of Loma Linda University while embodying the spirit and principles of Jesus Christ.