Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Medical Students' Identification and Resolution of Ethical Issues in a Simulation Case. (07/2011)
  • Impact of Student Presence on Patient Satisfaction in a Family Medicine Outpatient Setting. (07/2011)


  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) Obesity Among Truck Drivers Project’s aim was to address the barriers drivers have to obtaining nutritious meals on the road. Truckers were recruited from terminals around Boston. Drivers checked in with a counselor every week via phone to report eating habits and receive advice on how to alter behavior. My role in this research was to determine the link between sleep deprivation and obesity. The link between serotonin andmelatonin release and their role in the sleep cycle was established as the mechanism of action. (08/2006)
  • (PEER REVIEWED) Smoking Cessation in India The project entailed research to create an intervention for smoking cessation. This intervention was given tosmokers in India. (08/2006)
  • (NON-PEER REVIEWED) Health Care in Jail Provided inmates with various public health services such as nutrition education, sexually transmitted infections education and smoking cessation. (02/2006)