Committee Membership (LLU)

  • Faculty Promotions Committee - Served on Faculty Promotions committee during the indicated time period. Meetings were on an as needed basis and called for review of materials presented substantiating the candidate\'s request for promotion. Time involved, when called, amounts to approximately 3-4 hours per candidate depending on the amount and depth of the material presented. (07/2006 - 06/2008)
  • Nominating Committee - Served as member of the nominating committee for SD faculty. Term 2 years ending in 07 (07/2005 - 06/2007)
  • MiPACs Administrator - Agreed to become the source person for the MiPACS software, a software package designed to manage clinical images both radiographic and visible light sourced. Role is developing at this time... (11/2007)
  • axiUm Core Group Committee - Serving on a \'child\' committee relating to the ongoing need for changes, training, new departmental implementation and education for the clinical management software. (07/2007)
  • axiUm Implementation Committee - Actively participated in the introduction and development of the program to implement the new management software, axiUm, to the School of Dentistry. Provided input and design for forms, instruction material and developed training of various modules for the faculty and students. Work will be ongoing as more parts of the software package are introduced and more departments are brought up to a working knowledge of the management software. (01/2007)
  • axiUm Implementation Committee - Provided input for the introduction of the new clinical management software package for the School of Dentistry. Including design of forms and other data input material. Also, assisted in the instruction of the faculty, staff and students in the use of the software. (01/2007)