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  • Keeping TABS on Advanced Transplant Provider Burnout Background:Burnout is a common theme amongst healthcare providers. Minimal data has been collected on advanced transplant providers (ATP) burnout. Burnout is detrimental not only to the individual but to organizations and may contribute to decreased job satisfaction, attrition and reduced well-being. Due to high rates of burnout seen in other studies of transplant professionals, we aim to evaluate ATP burnout and well-being through a prospective analysis using an anonymous survey.Methods:The Transplant ATP Burnout Survey (TABS) will utilize the Maslach Burnout Inventory Human Services Survey for Medical Personnel (MBI-HSS (MP)) and the Well-Being Index (WBI) as well as ATP specific questions to assess risk factors and prevalence of burnout and well-being. The MBI-HSS (MP) is a twenty-two-item survey that covers three main areas: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and low sense of personal accomplishment. The WBI is an anonymous self-assessment tool, created by the Mayo Clinic, with nine questions measuring six dimensions of distress and wellbeing. The survey will be created through Qualtrics and distributed to ATPs affiliated with ASTS and AST as well as their colleagues. Results:The survey will conclude at the end of 2022 and results will be available for presentation early 2023.  (11/2021 - Present)