About Akshat Jain, MBBS

Dr. Akshat Jain is Section Head of the Inherited Bleeding Disorders and
Hemoglobinopathies Program at the prestigious Loma Linda University
School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital, where he is also a member
of the clinical pediatric hematology/oncology faculty in the
Department of Pediatrics and Clinical Medicine.

He is the only Indian physician to be awarded the highest honor for
service for Legislative assembly of the state of New York and California
in addition to the Presidential Gold Medal from AAPI for his service and
contribution to science of cancer and blood disorders .

 Dr. Jain takes care of children with Cancer and Hematologic disorders
at the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and
teaches at the medical school. He is an expert in the affairs of global
health and serves as the advisor to the Harvard University, American
cancer society and American academy of pediatrics. He believes in the
motto of no child left behind and hopes that with collaborative effort
east could catch up with the west and reduce international childhood
deaths from cancer significantly.

He received his medical degree from SSR
Medical College in Belle Rive, Mauritius, and
completed a pediatric hematology/oncology
and stem cell transplant fellowship at Steven
and Alexandra Cohen’s Children’s Hospital of
New York.

Dr. Jain also holds a master of public health
degree from Hofstra University School of
Public Health in New York. Dr Jain is a world
expert in pediatric bleeding disorders and
Sickle Cell Disease and features frequently on
national and international media. His
experience includes clinical pediatrics, cancer
and blood disorder diagnosis and
management, global hematology/oncology
consulting, and health policy formulation, and
his research expertise includes developmental
therapeutics, immunogenomics, and
outcomes-based research in clinical medicine.