• Title: Physician assistant and medical students - do pharmacy students perceive differences between these providers?  The purpose of this study was to evaluate pharmacy student expectations and perceptions of provider students before and after interprofessional education (IPE) sessions. This study was a prospective, perception scale study utilizing pre- and post-activity surveys employed to compare the expectations and experiences of two cohorts of third-year pharmacy students who worked with first-year physician assistant (PA) students and second-year medical students in an evidence-based, case-based IPE session. Results: Compared with medical students, PA students were perceived as having equal or greater knowledge of patient care (60.2 vs 12%, p<0.001), demonstrating equal or superior application of evidence-based practice (46.6 vs 5.3%, p<0.001), being equally or more collaborative (54.1 vs 10.5%, p<0.001), and being equally easy or easier to work with (69.9 vs 10.5%, p<0.001). (08/2021)

Scholarly Journals--Accepted

  • Title: "Long-term impact of interprofessional medical mission service trips in Sierra Leone"  Journal: Frontiers in Medicine.  Section: Healthcare Professions Education Describes the impact on hospital efficiency and nursing skills of multiple mission trips to Waterloo Hospital in Sierra Leone. (08/2021)