Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Larry Ortiz (2018) Social Work with Latinos: Social Economic, Political and Cultural Perspectives, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 38:3, 342-343, DOI: 10.1080/08841233.2018.1475789 (2018)

Scholarly Journals--Published

  • Rocío Calvo, Larry Ortiz, Patricia Villa & Kelly Baek (2018) A call for action: Latinxs in social work education, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 38:3, 263-276, DOI: 10.1080/08841233.2018.1466587 (2018)
  • Nakaoka, S. and Ortiz, L. (2018) Examining Racial Microaggressions as a Tool for Transforming Social Work Education: The Case for Critical Race Pedagogy. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work (2018)
  • Ortiz, L. (2016) On the Road to Arivaca: A Prose Reflection on a Meeting. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping (2016)
  • Calvo, R., Ortiz, L., Padilla, Y. C., Waters, M. C., Lubben, J., Egmont, W., Rosales, R., Figuereo, V., Cano, M., Villa, P. (2015). Achieving equal opportunity and justice: the integration of Latino/a immigrants into American society (Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Working Paper No. 20). Cleveland, OH: American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare. (2015)
  • Ortiz, L. (2014). Latino migration to Protestantism: A historical, socio-cultural, ecclesiastical analysis. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 41(3), 23-48. (2014)
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  • Ortiz, L., Garcia, B., Hernandez, S. (2012) Why It Is Important for Social Work Educators to Oppose Racist Based Anti-Immigration Legislation Op-ed in Journal of Social Work Education, 197 – 203. (2012)
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  • Nakaoka, S., Ortiz, L., Garcia, B., (in press) Intentional Weaving Critical Race Theory into a MSW Program in a Hispanic Serving Institution. Urban Social Work. (Present)

Books and Chapters

  • Cornelius, L. and Ortiz, L. (2004) Is being the “largest” Latino ethnic group enough to ensure Mexican American equity of access to health care? Davis, K.E. and Bent-Goodley, T.B. The Color of Social Policy. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education. (2004)
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  • (1994)