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  • An Improved Method of Total Variation Superiorization Applied to Reconstruction in Proton Computed Tomography.” Authors: Schultze, Blake; Censor, Yair; Karbasi, Paniz; Schubert, Keith, E.; Schulte, Reinhard W. IEEE TRANSACTIONS IN MEDICAL IMAGING, DOI: 10.1109/TMI.2019.2911482 (04/2019)
  • Derivative-free superiorization with component-wise perturbations.  By: Censor, Yair; Heaton, Howard; Schulte, Reinhard; NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS   Volume: 80   Issue: 4   Pages: 1219-1240   Published: APR 2019  (04/2019)
  • Accuracy of low-dose proton CT image registration for pretreatment alignment verification in reference to planning proton CT. By: Cassetta, Roberto; Piersimoni, Pierluigi; Riboldi, Marco; Giacometti, Valentina; Bashkirov, V.; Baroni, Guido; Odonez, Caesar; Coutrakon, George; Schulte, Reinhard. JOURNAL OF APPLIED CLINICAL MEDICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 20   Issue: 4   Pages: 83-90   Published: APR 2019. DOI:10.1002/acm2.12565 (04/2019)
  • Clinical trials involving carbon-ion radiation therapy and the path forward. By: Lazar, Ann A.; Schulte, Reinhard; Faddegon, Bruce; et al. CANCER   Volume: 124   Issue: 23   Pages: 4467-4476   Published: DEC 1 2018; DOI:10.1002/cncr.31662 (12/2018)
  • Fast calculation of nanodosimetric quantities in treatment planning of proton and ion therapy. By: Ramos-Mendez, Jose; Burigo, Lucas N.; Schulte, Reinhard; et al. PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY   Volume: 63   Issue: 23     Article Number: 235015   Published: DEC 2018; DOI:10.1088/1361-6560/aaeeee (12/2018)
  • Two-dimensional noise reconstruction in proton computed tomography using distance-driven filtered back-projection of simulated projections. By: Raedler, Martin; Landry, Guillaume; Rit, Simon, Schulte Reinhard; et al. PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY   Volume: 63   Issue: 21     Article Number: 215009   Published: NOV 2018; DOI:10.1088/1361-6560/aae5c9 (11/2018)
  • The impact of secondary fragments on the image quality of helium ion imaging  By: Volz, Lennart; Piersimoni, Pierluigi; Bashkirov, Vladimir A.; Brons, Stefan, Collins-Fekete, Charles A.; Johnson Robert P.; Schulte Reinhard W., Seco Jao. PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY   Volume: 63   Issue: 19 Article Number: 195016   Published: OCT 2018; DOI:10.1088/1361-6560/aadf25 (10/2018)
  • Helium CT: Monte Carlo simulation results for an ideal source and detector with comparison to proton CT. By: Piersimoni, Pierluigi; Faddegon, Bruce A.; Ramos-Mendez, Jose; Schulte, Reinhard W.  et al. MEDICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 45   Issue: 7   Pages: 3264-3274   Published: JUL 2018; DOI:10.1002/mp.12942 (07/2018)
  • Experimental fluence-modulated proton computed tomography by pencil beam scanning. By: Dedes, George; Johnson, Robert P.; Pankuch, Mark; Detrich, Nick; Pols, Willemijn, M.A., Schulte, Reinhard W.; et al. MEDICAL PHYSICS   Volume: 45   Issue: 7   Pages: 3287-3296   Published: JUL 2018;  (07/2018)