• Weill-Cornell Qatar Visiting Professorship Keynote Address: Professional Identity Formation and Building Resilient Residency Communities (09/2021)
  • Workshop at PAS 4/23/22: Assessing Feedback Readiness: You've Given Great Feedback, but if they can't hear it, it doesn't matter! Given with Janice Tsai, Elaine Fielder, Maryann Davies (04/2022)
  • Workshop at PAS 4/25/22: Thriving in the Rhythm of Service: Work Life Integration in Academic Medicine Kim Tran Lopez, Rebecca Tenney-Soeiro, Caroline Paul, Joe Jackson (04/2022)
  • APPD Pre-Conference 3 hour workshop performed with Matt Kapklein, Rachel Cramton, Jennifer Trainor, Stew Mackie, Sabrina Ben-Zion, Becca Hart INNOVATION TO PUBLICATION: TURNING YOUR EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES INTO SCHOLARSHIP   (04/2022)
  • Workshop APPD 5/2022: Like A Fly in the Buttermilk: How to Foster Cross-Cultural and Racial Connections in Mentoring Relationships Gabrielle Pina, Janice Tsai, Helen Wang, Krishelle Marc-Aurele, Caroline Paul (05/2022)
  • Workshop at APPD 5/2022: From Individual to Organizational Resiliency: What Any Program Director Can Do. Lead with Larry Loo, Caroline Paul (NYU), Heather Howell (NYU) (05/2022)
  • APPD Workshop 5/2022: Running with the RAT Pack: Innovative Curricular Design of a Resident-As-Teacher Program Heather Howell, Caroline Paul, Eric Zwemer, Will Sasser, Lauren Nassetta (05/2022)
  • Receiving Feedback-Why Learner's Don't Hear What We Say.  1 hour long workshop at RUHS GME Annual Retreat (08/2022)
  • Like A Fly in the Buttermilk: How to Foster Cross-Cultural and Racial Connections in Mentoring Relationships.  Invited workshop given at Stanford Annual Medical Education Forum 9.2022 (09/2022)
  • How Can We Build Resilient Academic Communities? Invited for 1.5 hour workshop given for Stanford Pediatric Academic Retreat (09/2022)


  • Gender, Race, and Multiple Hats: A Multi-Institutional Exploration of Professional Identity and the Intersection of Personal and Professional Roles Among Pediatric Clinician Educators. Rebecca Tenney-Soeiro MD, MSEd1, Elizabeth Van Opstal MD2, Cynthia Christy MD3, Michael S. Ryan MD, MEHP4, Gary L. Beck Dallaghan Ph.D5, Chad Vercio MD6, Chris Peltier MD7, William A. Mills Jr. MD5, Anton Alerte MD8, Caroline R. Paul MD9 (03/2022)