Before filling out an application you will need to read and accept the following values and lifestyle statement.

Loma Linda University actively encourages spiritually focused lives and a wholesome lifestyle consistent with Seventh-day Adventist Christian principles. Thousands of students from many different faith traditions have found that LLU's combination of academic excellence and spiritual values provides the best environment for pursuing their educational goals. Two on-campus churches, along with many others in the surrounding area, provide spiritually enriching services. We hope that you will give thoughtful consideration to selecting LLU as a great place to take the next steps in your education. In order to assist you in this important decision, we would like to share some of the distinctive features embraced by our faith-based school.

  • Faith. LLU is committed to faith in God and respect for the rich diversity of faiths represented among our students. We view the various perspectives of each spiritually committed student as enriching our campus and opening us to new ways of knowing God.
  • Chapel. In order to facilitate a personal journey with God, the University provides midweek chapel services for both students and faculty members. These chapel services are typically a required element of the students' program at LLU.
  • Religion courses. The core curricula of all the University's programs include religion courses with the goal of integrating faith and learning.
  • Sabbath. Because Seventh-day Adventists observe the Biblical Sabbath, from sundown on Friday evening until sundown on Saturday evening, time is provided for rest, reflection, and renewal. During these hours, school offices, laboratories, and libraries are closed. 
  • Healthfulness. In keeping with its mission for health, all students at LLU agree to exclude alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs from their lives during their enrollment at the University or one of its extended campuses. Additional details on lifestyle requirements and professional expectations of students are provided in the University Catalog and the Student Handbook.
  • Professional Appearance. When a student chooses a career in a professional field, it is important to portray a professional image.  Loma Linda University is sensitive to the needs of various healthcare fields and, as a result, has created professional standards of appearance that will place our graduates in the highest level of professional healthcare expectations.  These standards include no visible tattoos or body piercings apart from simple earrings.  Applicants are referred to the Student Handbook for a more complete statement on professional dress and attire.

Your application states your agreement to abide by the policies that implement these values while you are enrolled as a student at Loma Linda University. You also certify the accuracy of the application information and that you are the original author of any and all parts of the application materials you have submitted or will submit, and you understand that any misrepresentation or omission of required materials could jeopardize your admission or matriculation whenever such information is discovered. A nonrefundable application fee is required as part of the application process.