Assessing LLU Student Learning Outcomes

Want to find out how well your students are learning over time in your program? Confused about how to assess LLU's Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)? This workshop will help to prepare you to assess both program and University SLOs. by the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Organize the process of assessing program and University SLOs in your program and courses.
  • Update your program's curriculum map and assessment matrix.
  • Contextualize LLU SLO rubrics to be appropriate for your program.
  • Report SLO data analysis, changes made (if needed), and next steps for Continuous Quality Improvement at the end of the academic year.

SLO Assessment Workshop Handout

Schedule & Registration

At this time, the workshop is being offered by request of programs and schools. If you are interested in a SLO assessment workshop customized to your program or school, please contact or call x15042.