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Purpose – The Purpose of GGS|Global Gateway Studios is to create educational video content to enhance the Teaching and Learning at Loma Linda University Health. GGS also connects the LLUH community through live streaming educational and special events. This is accomplished through specific films for the educational audience, and through specific live stream event coverage for the LLUH Community.

GGS|Global Gateway Studios (GGS) is part of the Educational Technology Services (ETS) Department at Loma Linda University (LLU). There are three studios: Production studio, Post|Production studio and Faculty Media studio. In the Production studio you will find a white infinity wall, 4 production cameras, presentation monitors, LED lighting, boom microphones and a fully integrated control room. The Post|Production studio offers a fully-insulated vocal booth w/microphone, fully integrated non-linear editing platform, studio monitors and large viewing monitors. The Faculty Media studio includes a PTZ camera, lapel microphone, LED lighting, presentation monitor and software to capture lectures. GGS supports live-streaming with embedded video players in certain applications.

Before reservations can be made, an initial meeting to discuss the project will need to take place. Once we approve the project, we can begin the three phases of production. First is pre-production which includes exploring every detail of the production – services type, reserving time in the studio, estimations on how many and how long the recording sessions will be, who will be occupying those sessions, graphics, delivery, etc. The next phase is production – the recording sessions. The last phase is post-production which will vary in length depending on the edits, graphics, audio mixing, rendering and delivery.

  • Production Services – Please refer to the GGS Production Services Sheet for our current offerings – GGS Production Services Sheet (PDF)
  • Request Services – To initiate services, please complete the GGS Project Info Sheet – GGS Project Info Sheet (Fillable PDF)
  • Presentation Graphics – We request that you utilize the following master template for all presentations:
  • Live Streaming: Approved Locations – Centennial Complex: Damazo Amphitheater, Conference Center (4th floor) and GGS Main Studio
  • Release Form - A signed release form is required for all on-camera talent and is the responsibility of the requesting department (Fillable PDF)


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