By Dr. Ron Carter - March 27, 2018


A flurry of regional accreditation reports and site visits will soon be occurring on campus. But this isn’t unusual since 23 professional accrediting bodies plus our University Regional accrediting body WSCUC seem to be interacting with us constantly.

In Fall 2020 the University will undergo its next regional accreditation site visit.  WSCUC (WASC Senior College and University Commission) accreditation is, at a minimum, a necessary pain since this regional endorsement allows the University to distribute federal funds (Title IV) to our students and regional accreditation is required by each of our professional accrediting bodies.

Once an outspoken critic of regional accreditation (WASC),I am now a convert to the accreditation assessment culture.  My conversion experience has happened over the past 6 years while serving as a WSCUC Commissioner.  While experiencing the work of the Commission, I have learned to trust the integrity, rationality, and empathy expressed by fellow Commissioners, WSCUC administration, and staff.  My initial distrust and pain - adverse feelings towards regional accreditation - came from all the “WASC-ese” and formulaic instructions surrounding approaches to learning outcomes (Institutional, Programmatic, Course), rubrics, curricular maps, rubrics, formative-summative evaluations, Closing the Gap (cycle of improvement), capstone activities, and alignments, crosswalks, core commitments, reaffirmation standards and CFRs.

Accreditation, I dare say now, is a privilege because its peer-driven process validates the excellence that LLUH collectively provides within own programs and student experiences.

The process is simple: know what academic excellence is in your profession or field of study, and identify the specific outcomes for skills, knowledge and competencies that will equip our graduates to deliver healthcare and professionalism at the highest levels. By knowing the end-game (outcomes) we can establish way-marks to know if we are on track to achieving our goals and providing quality assessment and advisement to our students.  Ultimately, we wish to model Christ-centered innovative ways to deliver healthcare and research.

WASC is coming soon!  And while the efforts may cause some pain, it is a privilege to document to the region LLUH’s academic excellence and our Mission-driven learning environment.