We’re here to help if you have questions about applying to Loma Linda University.

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General Application Questions

For general questions about LLU admissions and the application process, contact University Admissions at admissions.app@llu.edu or 909-651-5029. Depending on where your application is in the decision process, we can either tell you the status or connect you with the appropriate office.

Program-Specific Questions

For questions about your program or its requirements, contact the program’s school. Your school can tell you the status of your application after it’s been processed and sent to them, but not before. For students who applied through a CAS, the CAS will send your application to your school.

School of Allied Health Professions

School of Behavioral Health

School of Dentistry

Office of Advanced Dental Education

School of Medicine

School of Medicine Graduate Programs

School of Nursing

School of Pharmacy

School of Public Health

School of Religion

Financial Aid Questions

Information about financial aid is outlined in the financial aid section.

For questions about financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@llu.edu or 909-558-4509.

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