If you have ever taken any course work at LLU (including the La Sierra campus of LLU), pick up a computer generated form from the Office of University Records at the first window.

If you have never taken a class here:

  • Fill out a Non-Degree Student Registration form. Complete all sections and then print the form.
  • If the course you're taking is part of an allied health professions program, including nursing, you will need to obtain the instructor’s signature. The instructor’s signature is not required for non-major courses (e.g. religion, statistics, and computer courses).
  • If taking more than one class, obtain the signature of the Dean of the school in which the classes are offered.
  • In the Signature section, sign your name where it indicates “Student.” Obtain clearance from Student Health Service, Evans Hall, Room 111. All new students must show evidence of a current PPD (tuberculosis) skin test. Employees of Loma Linda University and Loma Linda University Medical Center do not need to get Student Health Service stamp. Bring employee ID for validation.
  • Students who are NOT citizens of the United States must obtain the signature of the Director of International Students, Esther Guerpo, Office of International Student and Scholar Services (located in the Student Services Center Room 1201).
  • If the course you want to take requires it, fill out an Independent Study Title Request.

If you are receiving a pre-printed registration form, correct any incomplete or inaccurate information on the form you have been given, and follow the instructions as listed above.

If you are eligible for LLU or LLUMC employee tuition benefits, be sure to obtain your benefit form from HR prior to going to the Student Services Center to complete registration.

After you have all the required signatures, bring your completed form to University Records to be registered for your class.

You are not considered registered until you have obtained financial clearance from the Office of Student Finance. This is the final step. 

Course Eligibility

  • To be eligible to take classes, the student must be a high school graduate or have the appropriate previous college courses required to register for the Loma Linda University class.
  • Junior level standing required to take 300- and 400-level classes.
  • Classes numbered above 500 can be taken ONLY by students who have completed a baccalaureate degree.