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LLUH Alerts

Keeps you informed about disasters, emergencies,
and other critical events on campus through:

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We want to let you know if there is an emergency or crisis at LLUH such as a hazardous chemical release, bomb threat, or active shooter.  LLUH Alerts allows us to notify you about dangerous situations and provide critical safety information. 

LLUH Alerts utilizes multiple pathways to make sure you receive this information in a timely manner, including:

  • Smartphone notifications (Everbridge App)
  • Text messages
  • Voice messages
  • Email messages
  • Workstation screen alerts (on-campus)

LLUH Alerts is free of charge to all employees and students, but requires you to sign up to receive emergency notifications.  At minimum, we recommend you provide a phone number that can receive a text message in an emergency.  You may also install the Everbridge app and/or enter a mobile phone number (voice) for additional redundancy. 

Sign up to receive emergency notifications by updating your information below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to sign up for emergency notifications from LLUH?

During emergencies, such as an active shooter or a hazardous material spill, we need to let you know what is happening on campus so you can take protective actions (or even advise you not come to campus if you are not on campus).  We may also need to update you on the status of LLUH following a disaster.  Without your contact information, we cannot notify you in a timely manner.  

How often will I receive emergency alerts/notifications?

A text-based test notification is sent to all devices twice a year during normal business hours.  Any other notification sent out will be the result of an actual emergency or disaster.

Why should I receive emergency notifications by text message?

Text messages are one of the fastest and most reliable way to send a message during an emergency or disaster when telecommunications networks are overloaded with calls and data.  However, text messages can still fail sometimes, so we recommend that you set up alternative notification pathways, such as the Everbridge app or a phone (voice) number.

What is the benefit of the Everbridge app?

The Everbridge app provides notifications using a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.  This allows you to receive emergency notifications in places where you might drop out of cellular service, such as inside a building.  The Everbridge app also provide an enhanced user interface, making it easy to confirm receipt of the notification or respond with additional information.  Request the Everbridge app at:

Will I receive multiple or duplicate notifications if I sign up for text messages, phone calls, and/or Everbridge app alerts?

Notifications from LLUH Alerts are sent out every two minutes to the first available pathway you have on file, in the following order:  1) Everbridge app, 2) Text Message, 3) Mobile Phone Voice, and 4) Email.  If you confirm receipt of the notification by following the instructions at the end of the message, it will not send the message to your next pathway (unless it was already sent).  

Everbridge App Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

App Download:

Q.    How do I download the Everbridge app?

A.    For iOS devices, search for the “Everbridge” app from the iTunes store:

For Android devices, search for the “Everbridge” app from the Google Play store:

App Username and Password and/or New Mobile Devices:

Q.    What is my Everbridge app username and password? I keep getting an error when entering in my LLUH username and password…

A.    The app doesnot utilize a username or password. The Everbridge app is “activated” using a special link in an email invitation.

This activation email can be requested by going to: Click the box and “Save” to request the Email to download and install the Everbridge notification app. Please note that you must open this email from your mobile device!

Error when I click on Links:

Q.    I get an error when I click on the links that says, “Please try again from an iOS or Android powered mobile device.”

A.    You must open this app invitation from your mobile device (iOS or Android).

No LLU Email on my mobile device:

Q.    I don’t get LLUH emails on my mobile device.  What do I do now?

A.    There are two options; we recommend trying the easiest one first:

Option 1 – From a computer, forward the email invitation from your LLUH Email to a personal email account that is on your phone. The two hyperlinks (app link and registration/activation link) may work, depending on your phone’s settings. If this does not work, proceed to option #2

Option 2 – If you do not receive LLU email on your phone, you can check your LLU email via your mobile browser at:
MC Mail Servers:
LLU Mail Servers:

Sharing my email app invitation:

Q.    Can I share my email app invitation with others?

A.    No, you cannot share this invitation with others, because the links are specific to your account. Your unique link to register/activate your Everbridge app is what takes the place of a username and password.

Privacy Options:

Q.    Can I limit sharing my location or avoid providing access to my camera?

A.    Yes!  Your privacy choices are paramount. While location services and access to the camera provide additional functionality, you only need to enable “push notifications” for the app to work. Location sharing can be turned off while in the app under the settings menu. Access to your camera is controlled in your phone’s settings menu, privacy, (App permission for Android), then camera (disable camera access for Everbridge in the list of apps).

Windows Phones:

Q.    Is there an app for Windows phones?

A.    No, at this time, our vendor is not supporting Windows phones. You can still receive notifications (text message, voice calls, or BOTH), if you enter your information into the system at:

For additional assistance, contact us at:

NOTE: You may opt to receive LLUH Alerts on your personal device (cellular phone) as a convenience and benefit to you. By voluntarily participating, you consent to receive text messages and/or voice calls sent through an automatic telephone dialing system. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency varies.