Beginning counseling can be intimidating for some students. There is the fear of the unknown and anticipation of confiding with a stranger. Counseling may provide an opportunity for individuals to improve personal skills, develop increased confidence, and develop keener self-awareness. In a personal interaction with the counselor, a student is helped to explore and express feelings, examine ways of thinking about self and others, reflect on patterns of behavior, and develop personal effectiveness.

As counseling begins, your therapist will ask questions and listen attentively in order to more fully understand your needs and current stress. After your personal experience is understood, you and the counselor will design goals for healthy change. You might think of your counselor as a coach. You can expect a professional approach that helps you develop strategies for finding solutions to feeling stuck or split about important decisions. You will also develop a balance in discovering one's strengths and one's limitations. This process will surely be confidential and highlighted with respect and compassion.

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