WSCUC Documents


WSCUC has developed some rubrics designed to guide site visitors to effectively review various components of the site visit; however, these rubrics are also helpful to faculty and administrators so they can better understand how they will be evaluated.

  • Educational Effectiveness Framework (PDF)
    This rubric is used to assess capacity and effectiveness as they relate to student and institutional learning.
  • Program Learning Outcomes (PDF)
    This is is an excellent rubric for programs to use to evaluate their own program learning outcomes.
  • Program Review (PDF)
    This rubric is for the assessment of the "Integration of Student Learning Assessment into Program Reviews". Programs should use this rubric to see where they stand in this area, particularly if they are actively involved in the LLU Program Review process.
  • Portfolio (PDF)
    Programs that use a portfolio or who are thinking of using a portfolio for student learning assessment should use this rubric as a guide.

Please visit the "Document Library" at the WSCUC website for additional materials.