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Committee Charge - Updated January 2015

The Educational Effectiveness Committee

  1. guides the development of indicators and evidence of educational effectiveness across academic and co-curricular programs at LLU (see EEC Flow Chart of Committees, p. 2)
  2. facilitates the establishment of a culture of continuous assessment leading to evidence-based decision making
  3. makes evidence-based recommendations for change in institutional structures and processes
  4. facilitates communication and disseminates information among the network of Educational Effectiveness committees

It reports to the University Academic Affairs Committee and is guided by the University accreditation Steering Committee.


  1. Oversee the development, process, and results of University SLO assessment and program review.
  2. Serve as a resource to the University on educational effectiveness best practices.
  3. Promote a climate of inquiry among the LLU faculty where measuring educational effectiveness is understood and accepted.
  4. Coordinate the development of educational effectiveness sections of University accreditation reports, including WASC, AAA, etc. 

Committee Membership


  • Leo Ranzolin - Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, School of Religion
  • Eun-Hwi Cho - Assistant Dean, Educational Quality and Outcomes, School of Dentistry


  • University Services

    • Provost - Ron Carter
    • Educational Support Services - Kirk Campbell, Director
    • Information Systems -
      • D.P. Harris, Vice President
      • John Wical, Director, Administrative System
    • University Libraries - Shanalee Tamares, Director
    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Marilyn Eggers, Director
      • Ken Nelson, Associate Director/Institutional Researcher
  • Leadership of Educational Effectiveness Committees

    • Academic Service Learning -
      • J.C. Belliard (Director, LLU Institute for Community Partnerships)
    • Co-curricular -
      • Kathryn Knecht (School of Pharmacy)
      • Terry Swenson (Chaplain, Campus Ministries)
    • Climate Survey -
      • Karl Haffner -Vice President for Student Experience
    • Digital Education -
      • Marilyn Eggers (Director, Office of Educational Effectiveness)
    • Institutional Research
      • D.P. Harris (Vice President, Information Systems)
      • Ken Nelson (Associate Director/Institutional Researcher, Office of Educational Effectiveness)
    • Learning Outcomes -
      • Kathy Davis (School of Allied Health Professions)
      • Judy Peters (School of Nursing)
    • LiveText Administrators -
      • Stanley Matsuda (School of Pharmacy)
      • Karen Saul (School of Behavioral Health)
    • Program Review -
      • Kevin Nick (Associate Professor, School of Medicine)
      • Kathy Davis (School of Allied Health Professions)
    • Studen
      • Donna Thorpe (School of Allied Health Professions)
    • University Assessment -
      • Laura Alipoon (Chair, Radiation Technology, School of Allied Health Professions)
      • Donna Gurule (Associate Dean for Academic Administration, School of Public Health)
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions -
      • Georgia Hodgkin (Associate Chair, Nutrition & Dietetics)
      • Ernest Schwab (Associate Dean)
    • Behavioral Health -
      • Adam Arechiga (Associate Academic Dean)
    • Dentistry -
      • Eun-Hwi Cho (Assistant Professor)
    • Faculty of Graduate Studies-
      • TBA
    • Medicine -
      • Dustin Smith (Director, Medical Simulation Center)
      • Lynda Daniel-Underwood (Assistant Dean for Program Development & Evaluation)
      • Hans Fletcher (Assistant Dean Graduate Student Affairs)
    • Nursing
      • Barbara Ninan
    • Pharmacy
      • Kyle Sousa (Associate Academic Dean)
    • Public Health -
      • TBD
    • Religion -
      • Leo Ranzolin (Associate Dean)
  • University Faculty Council

    • Allied Health Professions -
      • Karen Mainess
    • Nursing -
      • Judith Peters
  • WSCUC Assessment Leadership Academy

    • Kathy Davis
    • Marilyn Eggers
    • W. Ken Nelson
    • Donna Thorpe

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