Committee Charge

The Institutional Research Committee (IRC) is charged with improving and supporting the University’s IR functions and data management, including the faculty appointment system, in an effort to assist the administrators and faculty in making data-informed decisions.  In fulfilling this charge the committee will improve and support:

  1. Support of the University’s IR Functions
    • Develop and update the university's strategic assessment plan including analyzing data for analytics.
    • Guide university development of effective data infrastructure processes.
    • Participate in the writing of university WSCUC institutional research reports.
  2. Support in Data Management
    • Identify and resolve weaknesses.
    • Continue to work with the schools to correlate their data with the university’s data.
  3. Faculty Appointment System
    • Identify issues and make recommendations for improvements.
    • Encourage key individuals to utilize the systems.
    • Provide support as applicable.

Committee Membership


  • DP Harris- Vice President, Information Systems
  • Ken Nelson - Associate Director/Institutional Researcher, Office of Educational Effectiveness


  • University Services

    • Administrative Information Systems
      • Jermey Hubbard
      • John Wical
      • Dorris Serna
    • Educational Effectiveness
      • Marilyn Eggers, Director
    • Enrollment Management & Student Services - TBD
    • Office of the Provost - Janelle Pyke, Special Assistant for Academic Administration
    • Student Finance - Jerry James, Director
    • Student Financial Aid - Verdell Schaefer, Director
    • University Records - Erin Seheult, Director
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions
      • Donna Thorpe
      • Kent Chow
    • Behavioral Health
      • Adam Arechiga
      • Susanne Montgomery
    • Dentistry
      • Eun-Hwi Cho
    • Medicine
      • Lynda Daniel-Underwood
      • Alice Wongworawat
    • Pharmacy
      • Paul Gavaza
      • Stanley Matsuda
    • Public Health
      • Jim Banta
      • Michelle Hamilton

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