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Committee Charge

The Learning Outcomes Committee’s (LOC) charge is to guide the development of university institutional learning outcome assessment framework and activities; to serve as a forum for institutional learning outcome (ILO) assessment; and oversee and manage the ILO assessment University-wide. The LOC reports to the Educational Effectiveness Committee. In fulfilling this charge we will:

  1. Serve as a forum with support for institutional learning outcome assessment:
    • Work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness to oversee and manage the Loma Linda University-wide institutional learning outcome assessment processes.
    • Work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness to provide institutional learning outcomes education, in-service, and resources.
    • Work with the Office of Educational Effectiveness (OEE) to provide, maintain, and support for ILO assessment on the OEE website for the University at large.
  2. Guide the development of University institutional learning outcome assessment framework and activities:
    • Guide the development and oversight  of ILOs University-wide.
    • Implement four-year assessment cycle for University-wide ILOs.
    • Review and modify ILO rubrics as needed to capture global elements for each ILO, allowing added contextualization by programs and schools.
    • Facilitate the collection of ILO summative assessment data.
    • Review and evaluate the collection and analysis of summative data.
    • Write ILO assessment and accreditation reports.

Committee Membership


  • Kathy Davis - Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health Profession
  • Judy Peters - Associate Professor, School of Nursing


University Services

  • Educational Effectiveness - Marilyn Eggers, Director


  • Allied Health Professions
    • Rasha Adrabou
    • Georgia Hodgkin
    • Heather Javaherian-Dysinger
    • Richard Nelson
  • Behavioral Health
    • Qais Alemi
    • Kimberly Freeman
  • Dentistry
    • Eun-Hwi Cho
  • Nursing
    • Nancy Sarpy
  • Pharmacy
    • Paul Gavaza

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