Committee Mission/Charge/Goals


The mission of the Student Success Committee is to facilitate and support the means and measures necessary to ensure student success at Loma Linda University.


  1. Develop and maintain a systematic process to define, collect, analyze, and share student success data.
  2. Support activities that ensure student success at the program, school, and university levels.
  3. Identify and communicate best practices for program and systems development and assessment of student success.


  1. Define terms/indicators for student success reports.
    • WASC (time to degree, graduate rate, retention rate)
    • LLU “Current Student” Experience
    • LLU “Alumni” Experience
  2. Identify current methods of data gathering at LLU
  3. Create parameters for a first cycle of review in each of the three categories
  4. Define, collect, and analyze reports for WASC definitions
  5. Define, collect, and analyze reports for “Current Student” definitions
  6. Define, collect, and analyze reports for “Alumni” definitions
  7. Identify the theory that suggests best practices in student success
  8. Begin to suggest the best practices and processes for ongoing assessment of student success at Loma Linda University, based on theory and practice

Committee Membership


  • Donna Thorpe -  Associate Professor, School of Allied Health Professions


  • University Services

    • Information Systems 
      • Mike Sanders, Manager Application Development
      • Doris Serna, Programmer Analyst
    • Educational Effectiveness 
      • Marilyn Eggers, Director
      • Ken Nelson, Associate Director/Institutional Researcher
    • Student Activites
      • Shawn Plafker, Manager Student Activities
    • Student Services
      • Karl Haffner, Vice President of Student Experience
  • Schools

    • Allied Health Professions 
      • Mike Iorio
      • Donna Thorpe
    • Dentistry
      • Euni Cho
    • Nursing 
      • Jackson Boren
    • Pharmacy
      • Willie Davis
    • Public Health
      • Wendy Genovez

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