Survey of the Human Body: A Workshop for K-12 Teachers

Participate in a four-day immersive experience that will cover pertinent topics of gross anatomy which are utilized by clinical graduate courses. This workshop vistis the main terms and concepts relevant to gross anatomy, followed by hands-on study of human prosected specimens in Loma Linda University Health's anatomy laboratory.

2019 EXSEED Conference PreK-12 Teachers

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EXSEED Workshops-only Application is still OPEN!

Application for full conference is closed but application for workshops-only is still open. Workshops are free, but no iPads, meals, or houseing are provided. A few workshops have associated costs for the kits and materials. Below is the link to apply. If you are accepted, you will be notified.

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Introduction to Adventist Robotics

This course will give you an introduction to the realm of Robotics, demonstrate the need for Robotics and STEM education, and instruct you on how to start a program at your school.

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Learn More About EXSEED

What is EXSEED?

Excellence in STEM Experiential Education (EXSEED) is an innovative and collaborative program designed to enhance integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in Adventist K-12 education in partnership with K-12 and higher education. The goal of EXSEED is to collaboratively support and empower K-12 educators in teaching the STEM disciplines within a Mission-Focused Learning (MFL) context that emphasizes the arts, spirituality, and service.

Read the article that launched the EXSEED initiative:

Meet the Team

Ron Carter

Ron Carter, PhD
Provost, Loma Linda University
Co-executive Director, EXSEED
Marilyn Eggers

Marilyn Eggers, PhD
Associate Provost, Loma Linda Univeristy
Co-executive Director, EXSEED
Doug Havens

Doug Havens, MS
Director, EXSEED
Charity Espina

Charity Espina, MSEd
Program Manager, EXSEED
Andrea Sayler

Andrea Sayler, MAEd
Program Manager, EXSEED
Nikki Nicolas

Nikki Nicolas, MBA
Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost
Program Coordinator, EXSEED
Janelle Carillo

Janelle Carillo, MBA
Program Manager
Office of Educational Effectiveness


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"Learning so many new things. I have been trying to get someone to listen to me for years about the University's involved so happy to see it."