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High Tech High Graduate School of Education

HTH provides professional learning information on design thinking, deeper learning and pbl incorporated resources for conference, districts, schools and teachers. Based in San Diego, they offer districts, conferences and schools to visit and tour their facilities, offer a rich path for educators towards deeper learning with pbl.

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CUE Conference

Formerly called Computer Using Educators, CUE is a long running non-profit educational corporation that “inspires innovative learners by fostering community, personalizing learning, infusing technology, developing leadership, and advocating educational opportunities for all.”

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STEAM Symposium

If you are interested in practical strategies and new ideas, classroom resources and curriculum, networking, and inspiration to reinvigorate your practice, the California STEAM Symposium is for you.

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Coming Soon PBL Conferences

PBLworks holds a virtual conference and in the future face-to-face conference in Palm Desert Valley every year in the Spring. It is a stellar event that can lead you and your team to implementing PBL in your schools and conferences. Workshops usually include PBL 101, PBL 201, and PBL Instructional Coaching.

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PBL Resources on PBLworks

You need to register for free to log in. It is a valuable way to access PBL resources. Project Cards are authentic PBL ideas that are standard-aligned. Project Planner are templates that guide you on your pbl path. PBL Resources has a menu rich of articles, videos, planning tools, rubrics, guides and handouts.

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PBL World

Learn more about PBL, and connect with a worldwide network of educators. We offer events in different locations throughout the year, delivering professional learning opportunities for individuals and small teams.

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