Best Practices for Online Education Programs

Distance Learning Committee members identify 11 areas that are considered best practices for LLU online education.

LLU Distance Education Instructor Guide (updated January 31, 2017)

LLU Distance Education Policy (April 2015)

LLU Distance Education Resources




  • Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)
    • SREB Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses
    • SREB Guidelines for Professional Growth of Online Teachers: although designed for online teachers of SREB state virtual schools, many of the standards for professional growth are adaptable and useful for higher education teachers as well. In fact, some of the resources used for this document were actually gleaned from documents for higher education. The standards for what the SREB state virtual schools should do or provide should be related to what the University, schools, or programs should do for the online instructors to help ensure student learning success.
    • SREB Standards for Quality Online Teaching: there may be some points here we would want to include in our online teaching.