By Gail Rice - August 22, 2018

The two invited guests have presented at nearly 300 universities, conferences, and organizations. The live-streamed Keynote Lecture was presented by Dr. James Lang, author of the 2016 transformative book, Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning. Dr. Lang spoke to us from his office on the east coast about how we can make small changes in our teaching for major changes in student learning.  Faculty comments about the presentation included: “Wonderful presentation/ Tangible examples/Useful immediately for teaching/Relevant/Compelling.”

The Friday morning workshop was presented by Dr. Terrence Doyle, popular author of books on learner-centered teaching. Terry is co-author, along with Todd Zakrajsek, of The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with your Brain, published by Stylus Publications, LLC. Comments from participants include “a great speaker, organized, coherent, informative and motivational,” “In 46 years of university experience, yours was the best and most useful presentation I have experienced,” “Appreciate the clear slides and pacing of content,” and “I’m motivated to make real changes in my classes and am very excited.”

The four-day event, sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the University Faculty Council, included presentations by 36 Loma Linda University faculty members and posters by 27 faculty members. Drs. Arthur Marshak and Gail Rice, conference co-chairs, stated at the conclusion of the showcase, “We have been so blessed by the presentations this week. One of the highlights for us included Iris Mamier and Carla Gober-Park’s presentation on “prayer in health care: A conceptual model of praying with patients” and Larry Loo’s “The science (or illusions) of learning.” Watch for information about the 2020 Faculty Development Showcase and plan to be a part of this important event.