Today's Student. Tomorrow's Hero.
In the midst of a global health crisis, Loma Linda University is more than a university.
Combining Christian faith with health, science and access to state-of-the-art medical facilities, this is a training ground for those brave professionals the world is calling heroes.

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Health * Science * Faith
Become a Healthcare Hero at Loma Linda University

Advanced Hands-on Training
Master the health sciences taught by 8 schools. Immerse yourself in real-world training featuring state-of-the-art research and healthcare facilities.

Invested in Your Wellbeing
Collaborate with caring faculty dedicated to your academic, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Find strength as you deepen your faith in Christian community.

Serving the World
Engage in life-changing service opportunities locally and worldwide. Join thousands of alumni who are continuing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

8 schools
Join the Ranks
School of Allied Health Professions 
Programs: 53

Prepare to work in premier healthcare organizations to prevent, diagnose and treat disease in individuals and communities, provide nutrition counseling or rehabilitation services.

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School of Behavioral Health 
Programs: 20

Master professional skills that focus on the mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the people you will serve, from children to older adults, families and those suffering from addiction.

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School of Dentistry 
Programs: 10

Focus your studies on helping people meet their goals for oral health, from preventing gum disease to repairing teeth, correcting tooth alignment and performing surgical interventions.

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School of Medicine 
Programs: 11

Expand your understanding of medical science through intensive study of the human body and the effects of the natural world on human biology and wellbeing.

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School of Nursing 
Programs: 13

Get hands-on training in patient care, engage in research to solve healthcare problems, save lives and improve the quality of life for the communities you serve.

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School of Pharmacy 
Programs: 1

Develop a deep understanding of medicinal applications, and apply your training to provide compassionate care as well as education for patients and medical professionals.

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School of Public Health 
Programs: 15

Multiply your impact by developing a thorough understanding of local and global community systems and utilizing your skills to promote health across the populations you serve.

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School of Religion 
Programs: 3

Develop the skills to become a strong advocate for the spiritual needs and rights of individuals, groups and communities in areas of society where healthcare and faith intersect.

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Featured Programs
With a PharmD degree, harness the power of medicine to advise patients and your colleagues on the use of medication to manage health and prevent disease.
Your MHA degree will prepare you to establish and maintain best practices for healthcare facility management to ensure a quality patient experience.
Restore function, provide relief and save the lives of people who are critically suffering from compromised breathing.
Guide people into hope and healing. Your MSW degree will prepare you to help children and adults successfully cope with trauma and thrive.
For working professionals, the online RN to BSN program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to go deeper into the field of nursing.
Your mouth is the window to your health. Acquire knowledge, technical skills, and management expertise to thrive in the rewarding industry of Dentistry.
Exercise your creativity and passion for molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry as a technician, researcher and educator.
Attain critical skills and gain clinical experience for dealing with ethical decision-making with issues plaguing our society.

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