By Anonymous - May 29, 2018

Ronald Carter, Provost, David Harris, VP Information Systems, and Richard Hart, President

Loma Linda University was well represented in the WASC Academic Resource Conference (ARC) this past April in Burlingame, CA.  Three presentations were given by LLU faculty and administrators

Gateway College: A Model for Workforce Development and Higher Education

Community. Collaboration. Interprofessional Education. In the spirit of FUTURE PERFECT, we will discuss the ideal relationship between traditional higher education and career/vocational training. LLU and its Gateway College are testing a partnership model that is rarely attempted. Students in entry-level certificate programs gain valuable experience and education in a world-class clinic, along with mentorship from professional practitioners, residents, and traditional university students.

Ronald Carter, Provost

Richard Hart, President

DP Harris, VP/CIO

Arwyn Wild, Executive Director, San Manuel Gateway College

Duane Tan, Director Academic Support, San Manuel Gateway College


Data-Informed Assessment: A Blueprint of Effective Utilization of Data in Support of “Closing the Loop” in Program Assessment

This presentation focuses on integrating the data collection processes of the institutional research office, specific professional accreditor requirements, and the alignment of program and institutional learning outcomes to create a blueprint for effective data use in the assessment process.

Ken Nelson, Associate Director, Office of Educational Effectiveness

Diane Mattheson, Assessment Specialist, School of Nursing

Joanna Shedd, Director, Post-Licensure Program, School of Nursing


Contextualizing AAC&U VALUE Rubrics for Assessing Professional Institutional Learning Outcomes in Professional Health Sciences Programs

Documenting student learning in graduate and professional programs poses unique challenges in the Health Sciences. The five core competencies are critical for professional education but are often applied and assessed in clinical or field-work environments. Several AAC&U rubrics have been contextualized and adapted for these situations.

Katherine Davis, Director, Program Review and Assessment, School of Allied Health Professions