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Meet the Team  

Eun-Hwi  Euni Cho, DDS
Phone: 55897

As an alumnus (LLUSD ’93), Euni practiced dentistry for 20 years prior to joining LLU.  Her career focused on, and her passion remains,   in hospital dentistry, community health and Public Health Dentistry.  In this additional role with the OEE, Euni provides oversight, planning and implementation, as well as training, on LiveText and student-level ILO assessments.  She works closely with Drs. Eggers and Alipoon to meet the specific needs of each School and Program’s assessment initiative.  When Euni is not in the office or clinic, you can find her on the sidelines of a field, court, park or diamond, watching their 5 kids play sports.  She is married to Ualesi Puni and they live wholeness by playing Pickleball.

Laura Alipoon, EdD
Phone: 55896

In her work with the OEE, Laura Alipoon is responsible for working with the SAHP, SPH, and SBH for their assessment needs.  She is available to assist with educational and assessment workshops for any of the schools on campus.  At the School of Allied Health Professions, in addition to her Chair duties, Laura also teaches courses in emotional intelligences, instructional design, and adult learning theories. 

Laura’s educational background includes a Doctoral degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Counselor Education, a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and an Associate’s degree in Medical Radiography.  She also has 72 hours of education in Coaching including topics such as: emotional intelligence and coaching, appreciative inquiry, and executive coaching.  In addition to many poster presentations, Laura has had numerous peer-reviewed presentations at local, state, national, and international conferences during her career.

Laura is married to Alan Alipoon and they have one daughter, Tawny, who is a professional photographer and has done work for LLUH, including the still photos for the LiveIt! Campaign.  As part of her wholeness, Laura enjoys painting (on canvas not houses!).

Laura’s goals as the Associate Director of the OEE include assisting departments/programs to discover what they want to know about their programs, how to measure it and how to share it with the university and to give workshops in educational and assessment basics.