By N. Hohensee and E. Cho - March 27, 2019

After announcing the Challenge in June of 2018, Dr. Handysides collaborated with Mark Estey, Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, to develop a judging rubric outlining the criteria.  A revitalizing of the LLUSD curriculum has been motivated by several factors that triggered the Dean’s Curriculum Challenge and its terms:

  • The need to upgrade the way dentistry is taught and the curriculum is delivered to 21st century students.
  • The need to incorporate into dental education, modern technological advances in dental materials, novel techniques, principles, and procedures as well as pedagogical tools, all the while considering large shifts in dental practice choices.
  • The need for a curriculum that recognizes what is required in the new, integrated dental board exam to be administered in 2020.

Curriculum submissions for the Dean’s Challenge were to be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovative delivery method
  • Technology infused
  • IPE/team approach
  • Aligned to the LLUSD Method
  • Supported by Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • Built-in assessment(s)
  • Curriculum mapped to LLUSD Competencies and LLU Institutional Learning Outcomes
  • Multipliers (number of units for courses)

Faculty members from four different schools – Tammi Thomas, MD, Vice Dean, School of Medicine; Laura Alipoon, EdD, Chair, Radiation Technology, School of Allied Health Professions; Leo Ranzolin, ThD, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, School of Religion; Arthur Marshak, EdD, Assistant Professor, Allied Health Studies, School of Allied Health Professions – graciously heard the presentations in round one, and assessed them on the rubric. The top five presentations were posted online for the judgment of LLUSD students, faculty, and staff.  Voting determined the winners, who were then asked to present live at the quarterly faculty meeting, where it was announced who placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd

First place ($25,000) entitled Patient Centered Care, went to a team of five, which included both faculty and staff, pictured below.

Pictured (L-R) are winners Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Dr. Jessica Kim, Elvia Sandoval, Dr. Balsam Jekki, with Dr. Mark Estey, Lisa Nelsen and with Dr. Rob Handysides.

Second place ($15,000), for curricula that fosters Wellbeing was awarded to a team of two: Drs. Anupama Grandhi and Natalie Hohensee, pictured below with Academic Affairs Dean, Dr. Mark Estey and the Dean, Dr. Rob Handysides.

Third place ($10,000), titled eLearning, went to the faculty and staff pictured below with the Deans.  Not pictured are Marlise Perry, Dr. Noura Fadel, and Dr. Iris Nam.

3rd place winners (L-R) Dr. Jessica Kim, Lisa Nelsen, and Dr. Holli Riter.

All ten of the competing projects were sufficiently worthy that Dr. Estey says each will be incorporated into the revised LLUSD curriculum. “Many faculty and staff spent a lot of time working on other presentations and even though they did not move on to the final list, we felt it was important for everyone to have an opportunity to see the other presentations.”


Additional submissions:

  • Dental Ethics – Drs. Erik Sahl and Eun-Hwi Cho
  • Radiology – Dr. Dwight Rice
  • Root Camp: Endodontics for General Dentists – Drs. Tory Silvestrin, Jing Guo, and Rinku Parmar
  • Tooth Morphology – Drs. Natalie Hohensee and Todd Cochran

Dean Handysides was immensely pleased with the response to his Curriculum Challenge: “I am very proud of the School of Dentistry team. This experience has brought together people from different centers, departments, roles, and responsibilities in a unifying way that promotes necessary curriculum change and the advantages it will give our students. The Challenge results have been a win for all who participated—not just financially but in scholarly growth, promotion potential, and collegial interactions that have resulted in new friendships. The best part is that throughout Prince Hall, and even around campus, individuals no longer satisfied with the status quo are discussing how to do things better. I anticipate we will initiate another challenge later this year to not only maintain the creative momentum but stimulate even more development and growth.”