By Anonymous - October 26, 2017

Frequently Asked Assessment Questions

Q:  When is the AMS ILO report due?

A:  October 31

Example:  The report on academic year 2016-17 is due Oct. 31, 2017


Q:  Does my ILO assessment tool have to be a rubric?

A:  Programs can determine the tool they want to use for assessments

Best Practice:  The rubric is considered the standard tool for high-level assessment to help institutions, Schools, Program Directors and Course Instructors demonstrate, share, and assess student accomplishment of progressively more advanced and integrative learning


Q:  Can I use a rubric other than the LLU ILO Metarubric to do ILO assessments:

A:  Yes (Please tell us a little bit about your rubric)


Q:  Is Formative ILO assessment required by the University?

A:  Yes

Explanation:  It is an educational standard that all the summative assessments in a Program should be aligned with a formative assessment.  It is rationalized that if we only do a summative assessment, most likely near the end of their Program, not only is there the assumption that no feedback was rendered along their education, but there is no time for programmatic changes to correct the gap.

Q:  Does every Program need to do all 5 ILO assessments on every student?

A:  Yes*

*Let’s talk about the specifics of your Program


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