Friday Night Vespers – Loma Linda University Church

A Snapshot of Loma Linda’s History – Living Our Legacy

Randy Roberts will begin our evening as he portrays John Burden and the early days of Loma Linda. If you’ve never seen Roberts as John Burden, you’ll want to be there Friday night as he brings history to life. We will also have the granddaughter of Lyra George, one of the first medical professionals to go into San Bernardino and minister to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. Then, representatives from San Manuel will share their memories and the impact LLUH has had on their community.

We’ll highlight the new San Bernardino Campus and hear a powerful story from one of the current students at the San Manuel Gateway College.

Friday evening promises to be a powerful reminder of who we are and our mission to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Sabbath Programming – Drayson Center

Beginning with the parade of flags, we get a beautiful picture of where alumni have served, where our students are from and where future Deferred Mission Appointees/Global Service Award will be serving when they leave LLUH. Recognition of honor classes (25th, 50th and beyond – with the very real possibility of a 70-year class member in attendance) and three choirs: SPH, BALL (Black Alumni of Loma Linda) and the signing choir from SAHP. A cappella music from the Cheek brothers (there’s five of them and they created their own barbershop group!).

Saturday Night – Loma Linda’s Got Talent – Drayson Center

From Brass to Bluegrass, Violins to Vocal, and Clarinets to Comedy - You'll want to be at Drayson on Saturday night at 7:00. Alumni from around the country will be performing for this special show. They’re world-class artists and admission is FREE!

Featured performers include Adrian Dumitrescu, Dennis Anderson with the brass quintet, Cheek Brothers Quintet, Jon Olango, Jonathan Harper, Lance Hundley, Ron Lamberton, Jessica Blaza, Richard Luke Elloway, Erik Valenti, Andrene Campbell, Kimberly Conley with Don and Diana Hergert, and Brett Quave and Ron Foo.