OEE Newsletter, Volume 2.5
March 27, 2019

Living Wholeness at LLU

This month we begin a new series on living wholeness for faculty, staff, and students. LLU defines wholeness as: Loved by God, growing in health, living with purpose in community. Kate Cockrill, SAHP, starts us off with a wholeness routine below. What is yours? We would love to hear about how you are living wholeness! Please send your stories to assessment@llu.edu. Thank you!

“Six months ago, an online video by a young personal trainer caught my attention. He was stressing the importance of maintaining muscle strength as we grow older to preserve independence. Though I’ve been lifting weights on and off for many years, I shared the video with my colleague Carol Davis. Her interest was piqued, and we decided to visit Drayson Center one day per week for simple weight lifting exercises to build strength.

“We are now up to two-three days per week and have routines that include all muscle groups.  We’re using an app called Jefit to create routines, tracking how much weight we’re lifting, and logging workouts on a calendar. We’ve added to our health routine by walking to Drayson Center at 4:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays which avoids the evening rush; then we walk back together to finish our workout. The exercise program is contributing to our physical well-being and allows us to take a mental break from work.”

OEE Newsletter, Volume 1.3
March 29, 2018

Dr. Larry Loo
      "I learned to at least schedule an hour in my weekly calendar for quiet prayer and reflection."

OEE Newsletter, Volume 1.4
May 30, 2018