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Loma Linda University
Answer your calling at Loma Linda University, a Christ-centered Seventh-day Adventist university dedicated to mission-focused learning through the integration of health, science and faith.

Find the program that's right for you

More than 100 programs offered across our eight schools, giving you a wide variety of career opportunities to choose from in the healthcare and sciences fields.

School of Allied Health Professions

Become an expert in any step of the patient journey that calls you. Pursue career options in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation at every program level, from certificates to PHDs.

School of Behavioral Health

Light the way for patients in need of mental, social, emotional, and spiritual care. Pursue a rewarding career guiding children, adults, seniors, and families toward healing and growth.

School of Dentistry

Provide care with the uncommon ability to relieve pain, spark confidence, and transform lives. Pursue a flexible, creative career where you see your impact daily — and for years to come.

School of Medicine

Master your domain in medical sciences to offer patients relief and well-being. Pursue career options across dozens of specialties to manage and treat countless conditions — or even find a cure.

School of Nursing

Wield compassion and skill in equal measure to offer patients the care they need right now. Pursue a career with near-endless opportunities to solve problems, provide relief, and save lives.

School of Pharmacy

Connect patients with the medicines they need for physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Pursue one of more than 100 career options to develop, prescribe, and refine treatments.

School of Public Health

Champion better health for patients in communities at home and worldwide. Pursue a career where you can lead health organizations — and shape the landscape of healthcare itself.

School of Religion

Advocate spiritual health and serve the spiritual needs of patients and communities. Pursue career options that empower you to meet patients where faith and healthcare intersect.

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