About Courtney V. Tran, MSN

Hello friends, students, colleagues, and all! I am an alumni of the Loma Linda Health and University system in so many ways! I began here as a nursing student prior to matriculating into the medical center across the street as a patient care assistant for a time, prior to serving as a bedside RN for 6 years. I then moved into travel nursing for a bit prior to becoming a clinical instructor here at the university. Once I got into home health nursing, I was offered the amazing opportunity to teach the home care nursing course here at Loma Linda University School of Nursing. I absolutely LOVE my work here and the incredibly dedicated and committed faculty and staff here at the university. It is an honor to be a graduate from this school of nursing now that I am seeing it from the perspective of our committed faculty who work passionately and tirelessly to ensure the success and growth of nursing professionals. Our leadership and our team is built of capable and compassionate healthcare professionals, with a true love for imparting knowledge as well as the principles of whole person care and ministry to the students that we are blessed to serve. I am happy to join as a newer faculty member at the university this year and look forward to serving over several more years!