• May, 2010 - Poster Presentation - Capstone project - Western Institute of Nursing (WIN), Glendale, AZ June, 2010 - Poster Presentation - Capstone proejct - USD Research Day (05/2010)
  • Panelist on a webinar about HIPAA and nursing education.  Gave examples of current school PDA policies and those forms were used as examples during the presentation.  150-170 audience listeners based on participant log-ins to the webinar. (10/2011)
  • Poster presentation - Faculty Development - "Use of Social Media to Enhance Pharmacological Concepts" (02/2014)
  • Poster presentation: "Use of Social Media to Enhance Learning of Pharmacology Concepts", LLU Academic conference, Centennial Complex (02/2014)
  • Poster Presentation - Odyssey Conference - November 8 - 9 , 2018 - "Using YouTube to Teach Pharmacology" with Dr. Nancy Sarpy (11/2018)
  • Virtual Diversity Forum - 3 topics - Moderator for 1 speaker. (04/2021)


  • Poster presentation with Karen Ripley "Clinical Instructor Symposium: A Conference Approach to Orienting New Clinical Faculty", LLU Educational Conference, Centennial Complex, Loma Linda, CA (02/2012)
  • Neobladder poster from DNP program for Medicine Alumni reunion weekend. (03/2012)
  • LLU Evidence-based Practice Conference - Poster: "Escape Rooms: An Alternative Clinical Assessment" (05/2021)


  • 2/26/09 - Anticoagulation Management: Atrial Fibrillation - in fulfillment of 3 hour workshop for DNPC 622 - Pathogenesis and Genetics - Simulation Center, USD  (02/2009)
  • Podium and poster presentation - "Orthotopic Neobladder Irrigation: Competency Assessment Through Simulation", LLU Research Day (05/2011)
  • Poster presentation: "Reducing Free Water Volume through Standardized Medication Practices", Loma Linda University Evidence Based Practice Conference, May, 2019, Loma Linda, CA (05/2019)
  • AACN Faculty Development Conference. poster presentation: "Innovation in Outcomes Assessment: Developing a Comprehensive Electronic Tool" Zamora, Z; Ripley, K, and Llaguno, M. Orlando, FL (11/2019)
  • Podium presentation: "Reducing Free Water Volume through Standardized Medication Practices", Odyssey Conference, October 11, 2019, Ontario, California (10/2019)
  • Podium Presentation: "Escape the Mundane: Incorporating an Escape Room in Nursing Education", Zelne Zamora, DNP, RN, CMSRN. Odyssey Conference, San Diego, CA (10/2022)