This is the application process for programs at Loma Linda University that do not require third-party applications. We’ll guide you through each step of the process and what to do after you apply.

If you’re not sure which application process you should use, go back a step.

First, fill out your application

Visit the LLU Application Portal. Follow the prompts to create an account and fill out your application. If you have questions related to the online application, you can contact the admissions office at 909-651-5029.

Next, make sure required documents are sent to LLU

Transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation are required for all applicants. If we haven’t received all of these documents, your application will not be considered complete and you will not be accepted.

Learn more about required documents

Transcripts and Test Scores

Transcripts and test scores need to be sent to LLU directly from their issuing organization. You need to initiate requests to send documents with each organization (LLU can’t request these documents for you). We will need:

  • Official transcripts, sent by each school you’ve attended
  • Required test scores, sent by each issuing organization

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation need to be sent to LLU directly from the people who will be recommending you. Some programs require specific types of recommendations. When your application is submitted, we’ll send an email to each recommender, requesting their letter. 

Application Processing

Once all your required application materials are received, the admissions office will begin processing your application. During this time, we will:

  • Communicate with you if there are any issues with your application
  • Process your application and all required documents
  • Send your application to your program and school for an admissions decision

Once your application is processed and sent to your program, you can only learn about its status by contacting the program’s school. The admissions office can no longer answer questions about your application status.

Check the Application Portal often to make sure we’ve received everything

You can log in to the Application Portal to check the status of application requirements and documents. After logging in, go to “Application Status” under “Additional Requirements.”