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Do I need to complete a Campus Based Student Loan Exit Interview with LLU student loan collection office?

You will need to complete a Campus Based Student Loan Exit Interview if you received Federal Perkins, Health Professions, Primary Care, Loans for Disadvantaged Students, Nursing Student Loans, Nursing Faculty Loans, and LLU private institutional loans.

When can I complete my on line exit interview?

All students separating/dropping below half time status should complete an on line exit interview close to the end of their enrollment period at LLU. You may complete this between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight.

Why do I need to complete a Campus Based Student Loan Exit Interview?

It's because you received campus-based loan money, and it's a federal regulation and LLU policy that you complete one

  • at the time you drop below half-time status
  • when you take a leave of absence, withdraw, or graduate
  • to obtain transcripts, diploma, degree verification
  • to obtain graduation check-out signatures and other LLU services.

Where do I go to complete my Campus Based Student Loan Exit Interview?

Exit Interview must be completed using INTERNET EXPLORER if using a PC or FIREFOX if using a Mac

After reading the instructions below you may click at the bottom of this page on "Begin your Exit Interview." When you enter Financial Counselor, click on "Exit Interview," read and follow instructions. Please be sure to enter information in all fields noted as required. If you fail to enter required information or follow instructions, your exit interview will be considered incomplete and you will be required to complete another one. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at (909) 558-4511 and leave a detailed message.

How long will the on line exit interview take to complete?

It will take you approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Please note: You must complete the on line exit interview in one session; you may not stop and save this on line exit interview. If you stop or if you fail to complete it in one session, you will need to start from the beginning and do it over again.

Before you begin your electronic exit interview please make sure to have the following information with you. (Print this Page)

  1. Please have a copy of your debt profile from financial aid. You may obtain a copy of your debt profile by following these steps: Login, click on "Financial Aid" menu, click "My Award Information," click "Debt Profile" and print for your records.
  2. Your billing address, phone number(s), email address, driver's license number and the state it's from.
  3. Your employer's name, address and phone number. If you are going into residency, please list the name, address & phone number of the hospital/school where you plan to do your residency. If you don't have an employer, please enter N/A through this section.
  4. Your spouse's employer's name, address and phone number. If you do not have a spouse enter N/A through this section. (Please do not list your spouse more than once as a reference).
  5. Your parent or guardian's name, address, phone number. You must list each parent/guardian individually and include all the information requested. If one of your parent(s) is deceased, please put a check mark on the "Deceased box". If you do not have contact with one of your parent(s), please enter their first and last name, in the relationship box please enter father or mother and in the address section enter "No Contact" and enter N/A in the boxes pertaining to that parent. (Please do not list your parents/guardians more than once as a reference). This information will be used for contact purposes in case you need to be located or if you default on your Campus Based Student Loan(s).
  6. In addition to your parent(s) and your spouse, we will need five separate and different references' names, addresses, phone numbers, and their relationship to you. Please Note: that all references must be over 18 years of age, and they must all live at different addresses, and you may not use a reference more than once. They may not live with you or with other references already listed on this exit. References may include brother(s), sister(s), aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, other relatives, or friends. If you fail to provide all references required you will not be able to obtain transcripts/diploma/degree verifications, graduation checkout signature or other LLU services from the LLU, Student Loan Collection Office.
  7. Please note that you will be required to complete a budget. When asked your gross annual income, please type in how much you expect to earn or are currently earning on an annual basis and then click on the calculate button so it can calculate FICA, state withholdings, etc. for you. Then click on the "Continue button and complete the monthly budget. Tip: Please make sure not to spend more than what you earn.  This information will only be seen by you.
  8. If asked what type of loan you have, please refer to your debt profile from financial aid and check off each of the loan(s) you have. Please Note: Financial Counselor might have already pre-checked the boxes for the Campus Based Student Loans you have. If this is the case, please click on the "Continue" button. If you see that your debt profile has loan(s) not listed on the exit interview, please click on the "Continue" button to proceed.
  9. When you complete your electronic exit interview please make sure to exit the Financial Counselor program properly by following the instructions indicated. Please allow 24 hours after you complete your exit interview to obtain transcript/diploma/degree verification, obtain a graduation check-out signature  or other services from the LLU student loan collection office.

Attn: Federal Perkins Loan Recipients: If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, you may be eligible for cancellation. For more information please go to Federal Perkins loan cancellation information.

PLEASE NOTE: This EXIT INTERVIEW is separate and in addition to the one you must complete with financial aid.

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