Our Mission

Empowerment of students for lifelong personal wholeness


Unlimited free visits for students

About the counseling program

  • Confidential
  • Spiritually sensitive
  • Help students find practical solutions to difficulties experienced in personal and academic life
  • Competent professional counselors and advocates who are on your side
  • Compassion and understanding for you and your needs
  • Creative solutions to your problems
  • A comfortable environment where you will feel at home
  • Centered off campus but easily accessible for you as a student
  • Student counseling services not available to online-only students
  • Getting started in counseling


  • Crisis Intervention
  • Individual therapy
  • Couples therapy
  • Premarital therapy
  • Case Management
  • Psycho educational testing
  • Referrals to Campus and Community based providers
  • Counseling for: addiction, relational problems, stress management, test anxiety, anger management, depression, personal adjustment to academic life, adjustment to a new home