A Message from Our President

"Loma Linda University Health has long adopted core values that address these issues of diversity and inclusion — justice, compassion, and self-control, to mention just three. These arise not from the minds of people today, but indeed are values enunciated by Jesus. They need to permeate all that we do and think. They need to be so clear on this campus and to our communities around that we become a refuge for those now suffering.

This will not be a struggle of weeks or months or even years, but of a lifetime. We are wired in ways that make it difficult to overcome ingrained biases or beliefs from our own past. But surely this is a task we must embrace, perhaps the most noble of tasks, and one for which we seek divine help."

Richard H. Hart, MD, DrPH
President, Loma Linda University Health

With the above charge from our president, the Loma Linda University Health Diversity Council set forth to reinvigorate work around diversity and inclusion. The Human Resources Management department developed a strategic plan in partnership with leaders and staff from across the organization. Our plan focuses on the following actions across four core areas:

  1. Review our history to know the past and how our journey led us to this point in time.
  2. Establish clear, foundational culture to guide us forward.
  3. Create appropriate education and training.
  4. Review, revise and create appropriate policies and procedures.

This newly formed partnership, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group, has tentatively outlined a seven year strategic plan to guide our time. Along the way, we will adapt as necessary to keep our efforts meaningful and relevant.

DEI Working Group Membership


Shaunielle Abreu, lead
Mark Hubbard
Seth Wiafe
Craig Jackson
Gwen Wysocki


Kathy McMillan, lead
Terry Swenson
Karl Haffner
Barbara Sharp
Lizette Norton
Teresa Davis
Mark Hubbard
Shaunielle Abreu
DP Harris
Maria Letts

Policy & Procedure

Suzette Adams, lead
Karl Haffner
Barbara Sharp
Kimberly Alexander
Lizette Norton
Marie Letts
DP Harris


Karima Curry, lead
Dilys Brooks
Ghinette Aguilar
Barbara Sharp
Lea Ann Tonissen
Lisa Essex
Marilyn Houghton
Suzette Adams
Gwen Wysocki
Emily Ndlela
JC Belliard