We’re glad you want to learn more about LLU — and we hope to learn more about you, too. Before you apply, there are a few things you need to know. 

Tip: You can apply for financial aid early — even if you haven’t yet applied to LLU.

What You Need to Know

We’re a transfer institution

LLU is a transfer institution. That means nearly 100% of our programs require prior college credit. Many credits are eligible for transfer to LLU.

  • We accept all transfer credits from schools that are “institutionally accredited.” If you’re not sure if your school is institutionally accredited, you can either contact the school or check the Council for Higher Education Accreditation website.
  • If your school isn’t institutionally accredited, contact the admissions office for your program’s school at LLU. For example, if you’re applying to the LLU dental hygiene program, contact our School of Dentistry to ask about specific course credit transfer eligibility.

You have to know your program to apply

To apply to LLU, you’ll complete an application for a specific program. You are not required to first be accepted into a school and then a program. Before you start your application, you’ll need to know which program you’re interested in and the term you want to start. Your program might admit students every quarter or only once a year.

Our program finder is a quick and easy way to see all the programs offered here at LLU. You can find your program’s name, available start terms and other useful info, including:

  • Program descriptions
  • Application deadlines
  • Prerequisites
  • Possible careers

You'll need to meet certain prerequisites

Remember, nearly 100% of our programs require prior college credit. Use the program finder to check your program’s prerequisites (you can also check the university catalog). If you don’t meet the requirements, you won’t be accepted!

Prerequisite courses you’re currently taking and any you plan to take before starting at LLU must be included on your application.

You'll need certain application materials

You need program and course information.

  • Program name
  • Start term
  • Program prerequisites
  • Future coursework, including courses you’re currently taking and those you plan to take before starting at LLU

You need all required documents to be sent to us from their issuing organization. We’ll also cover these documents later in the application process.

  • Official transcripts, sent by each school
  • Test scores, sent by each organization
  • Letters of recommendation, sent by each recommender (some programs require specific types of recommendations)

You need two administrative items.

  • An active email address, so we can communicate with you
  • Application fee (varies by program)

We’re looking for students who see our values in themselves

Our faith and values are the foundation of our university and teaching philosophy. Take a couple minutes to learn about our mission and values and see if they resonate with you. 

Our values represent the commitment we make to better ourselves every day. Don’t worry — we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be either. What we do expect is that you see in yourself a drive to grow personally, spiritually and professionally through your time at LLU. 

As a Seventh-day Adventist organization, LLU emphasizes spiritual health. As a student here, you’ll uphold certain spiritual values. But you don’t need to be a member of our church, the Christian faith or any other religious organization to find a great learning environment here. Every major religion and dozens more are represented throughout our diverse student body. What brings us all together — students, faculty, staff and everyone we serve — is compassion. And compassion is at the very heart of spiritual health.